Sunday, September 26, 2004

Iran Executes a Child

Ateqeh Rajabi was reportedly publicly hanged on a street in the city centre of Neka, northern Iran, on 15 August 2004 for "acts incompatible with chastity".

Amnesty International is alarmed that this execution was carried out despite reports that Ateqeh Rajabi was not believed to be mentally competent, and that she reportedly did not have access to a lawyer at any stage.

During the trial the judge allegedly severely criticized her dress, harshly reprimanding her. It is alleged that Ateqeh Rajabi was mentally ill both at the time of her crime (having sexual relations outside of wedlock) and during her trial proceedings.

Her male partner was allowed to live.

Does anyone doubt that we could be subjected to this kind of harsh treatment if fundamentalists were allowed to take over our government? Oh, that's right, they have taken over our government. It's just a matter of time before birth control and abortion are illegal. VOTE OR DIE! This is not a joke. A recent article in Prevention magazine talked about one woman who takes birth control pills for a medical problem, not for contraception, and the pharmacist refused to fill her prescription. They are claiming that the birth control pill is really an abortion pill because it can prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterine wall. The article went on to say that scientists believe life begins when the fertilized egg is implanted, not when the egg is fertilized. The author goes on to say that Bush's policies have emboldened pharmacists and doctors to refuse to prescribe and fill prescriptions for birth control pills and for the "morning after" pill.

And they have the nerve to claim that "W" stands for women.