Thursday, December 23, 2004

Healthcare in America

I loved Bush's explanation of healthcare costs using the example of a single mother who cut her $900++/mo. health premiums by getting a high deductible (ahm, catastrophic loss) health policy which cut her premium to $300 plus/mo. along with an HSA she contributes $250 or so per month. So, she's cut her health care costs by 40% percent and (so long as she or one of her kids doesn't get too sick) is now living the vida loca.

Our monthly premium (via retirement plan) dropped about $100/mo. in Sept. That's a savings of a little over $1200/yr., so long as we don't get sick because they raised our deductible from $3200 ($1600 ea.) to $8000 ($4000 ea.). So, we too are now enjoying the vida loca! I just love compassionate conservatism. Thank goodness I'm not much good in math. - from Bob via email