Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Theft of Democracy

Commentary from Dada:

Aren't the stories about stranded Christmas travelers sad? At first, I was so empathetic. But then came the ugly responses of "inconvenienced" travelers like the woman who was worrying for her health's safety because her bags were lost and she'd packed her prescription drugs in them.

Duh? (Does she also pack her purse in her luggage too?)

More and more horror stories of angry people have since come across the media; of people who felt betrayed by a system that this wasn't supposed to let stuff like this happen to them. Some people were vowing they'd never fly again. For some it'd been a horrific four days caused by foul weather and perhaps fouler union members sabotaging their employer's airline by calling in sick. Four bad days.

But then I got to reflecting on the November election, obviously stolen in states like Florida and Ohio. Perhaps others as well like New Mexico. And I compared that theft to those who felt betrayed by the theft of their Christmas. Four days sleeping in a public air terminal and the public is outraged!

But what of the theft of their nation last month and the effects they'll suffer because of that the next four years?

Obviously, that's not critical. Not yet. Maybe if it gets personal? Like the lady who lost her prescription drugs or the people who had to sleep in public with strangers?