Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy New Year

It's a time to make a fresh start and, for some of us, to make resolutions. My resolution this year is to stop using soap, shampoo, etc. made from animal parts. I recently discovered that "commercial" soap contains tallow which is rendered beef or lamb. My soap will be made only from vegetable sources. I've recently started making my own soap and soon, on our web site, we'll be selling special home-crafted soaps made by Cactus Mary. A friend sent us a couple bars of her soap for Christmas and we really like it.

It'll be available, initially on our web site, in two forms: Bush Soap and Holy Soap. We'll make wild claims about how it will wash away your sins but we'll only guarantee that it is made from pure ingredients.

Our friend, Mary, reports that her hands crack and bleed when she uses commercial soaps, but Cactus Mary soap is gentle and helps her hands to heal.

I've recently been making molded glycerin soap in the shape of kitty faces and in the shape of the Goddess of Willendorf. These molded soaps are made of sapphire colored pure vegetable glycerin, with lavender scent from natural essential oils. I still need to get cellophane packaging for these soaps before offering them on our web site, where you can also buy Ring of Fire's Darwin fish, but hope to offer them to the public soon.