Monday, January 31, 2005

So Called Liberal Media

I finally turned the TV on today and first I tried MSNBC, but the day-time anchor was interviewing Chris 'Tweety' Matthews who was complaining about how those bullies, the Democrats, were spoiling the Bushites moment of glory - the Iraqi election, by asking for an exit strategy. Trying to suppress my gag reflex, I switched to CNN where Miles O'Brien and Kyra Phillips were obsessing over Michael Jackson's trial. Kyra Phillips was in a state of high excitement over a glimpse of Jackson as he left the courtroom for a lunch break. This is news?

Unable to supress my gag reflex a second time, I hit the off button on my remote control. I'll have to wait for Keith Olbermann tonight to get the news. I wish Air America would broadcast from a local radio station. "

When did Chris Matthews' opinion become so important he gets interviewed for mid-day news? He has his own show for Chissakes - and that's bad enough.