Thursday, February 03, 2005

The "Evolution" of Sexism

I recently received an email from a Thomas Vaichus who stated the following:

I challenge you to post this link to your website, but then again I am not holding my breath. Does the truth about Darwin matter to your thought process?,I think not. It is clear that if truth were important to you, you would trash the Darwin symbol all together. I suspect that it is the $ motivates your ideology, not truth.

Thanks for your time,


Vaichus was apparently trying to goad me into posting a link to his web site, which I will not do because a link from us would only help him get a higher ranking among search engines.

The link he provided for me to visit is to a page titled "The history of the teaching of human female inferiority in Darwinism" and he reveals his bias in the title of the web site, "Answers in Genesis". His web site also advertises a magazine called Creation. His article could have been more revealing if titled, "The history of the teaching of human female inferiority in the Bible and its practice in the major religions, including Christianity."

Mr. Vaichus' bias is revealed when he interprets Darwin's theories on evolution to prove that Darwin believed that men evolved to be superior to women. He cites Darwin's observations about the differences between males and females and concludes that based on those differences, men are superior to women.

It's obvious that biological differences exist between men and women and, undoubtedly, evolution played a role in developing those differences - it doesn't mean one gender is superior to the other regardless of what the Bible says. Sexism existed long before Darwin's theory of evolution and Christianity and the Bible are full of it (in more ways than one).

If I had more time, I'd write more about Mr. Vaichus' distorted view of the theory of evolution, or maybe I wouldn't. I'm not sure he deserves any more attention.