Thursday, February 10, 2005

Wrong Wife Swap Program

We watched last night's Wife Swap episode but it wasn't the one we've been waiting for. The one in which our products are displayed will be about an atheist and last night's episode was a swap between a southern Christian family (intolerant & bigoted) and a lesbian from Arizona. Although the religion of the lesbian wasn't discussed, many of the gay and lesbian people I've known are Christians.

The southern Christian woman seemed to value the income of her husband and the diamond rings he could buy her over any compassion or empathy for anyone outside her accepted system of beliefs. She behaved as I expected - she was harsh and cruel toward a lesbian woman who had the courage to be "out" on TV.

It's strange that people who claim to be followers of a man of compassion, are so lacking in that quality themselves. Depraved and contemptible. God save us from your followers.