Wednesday, March 30, 2005

All Star Team

Mark A. R. Kleiman:

I see Nat Hentoff and Jesse Jackson have joined the feed-Terri forces, which already included Ralph Nader, Randall Terry, Rush Limbaugh, Bo Gritz, Sean Hannity, and James Dobson. Now if we can just get Alexander Cockburn and Al Sharpton to join in, we'll have a left-right coalition embodying the very cream of the nation's loudmouth dimwitted self-promoting busybodies.

Note to Hentoff: "brain dead" means "dead." No one thinks that Terri Schiavo is "brain dead." The fact that William Frist can tell if someone is brain dead gives him no qualification to judge whether Terri Schiavo has permanently lost all cognitive function, even if he had in fact either examined her or viewed her medical records.