Friday, March 11, 2005

Bankruptcy Bill

Dada wonders why Sen. Biden would vote against his constituents' best interests by allowing the bankruptcy bill to come to the floor for a vote and then realized that Biden's real constituents are members of MBNA (his largest contributor and son's benefactor).

Here is a list of Democrats who were bought out by the credit card companies.

It's off to debtor's prison for the rest of us, but Republicans and Democrats are getting together for some grassroots action.

Dada notes: most bankruptcies are filed in red states.

Repugs voted against gay married terrorists (props to Paul Krugman on The Daily Show tonight) and got social security privatization and an end to bankruptcy as we know it instead.

Bankruptcy will now only be for the privileged few (the wealthy).

Attaturk noticed that KOS was trying to justify the votes of Democrats who voted for cloture on the Bankruptcy bill:

But to fix the problem you have to understand it. Most of these Democrats aren't selling out because they believe in the bankruptcy bill (unlike the GOP who is pushing it). They are using that bill to help ensure their political survival. And survival costs money.

But Attaturk noted:

Oh, so it is just hypocrisy, as opposed to maliciousness that caused thosevotes. Is that supposed to somehow make us feel better?

Atta boy Attaturk!