Monday, March 14, 2005

Goobernator Schwarzenegger: Up to No Good

California's Goobernator Schwarzenegger wants to hold a special election this year even though we have a scheduled election in 2006. So what's the hurry? Apparently he wants to get this done before the law protects us from voter fraud.

If a Special Election is held in 2005, your vote could be lost or stolen by electronic means that would leave not a trace? Yes, Arnold’s boondoggle of an election would not only cost $70 million dollars--the most distressing fact is that voting in 2005 would take place on the outmoded paperless and non-voter verified electronic voting machines.

Contest The Vote: An election held early, in 2005, is much less secure than one held in 2006. A November, 2005 election would circumvent the bill passed last September by the California legislature requiring that all direct recording electronic (DRE) voting machines include an accessible voter verified paper audit trail as of January, 2006. Holding a special election in 2005, before this requirement takes effect, clearly invites chaos and lack of voter confidence in the election result.

Why is Ahnold so intent on holding an election seven months prior to the regularly scheduled, more secure, June 2006 primary? Word is, he wants to circumvent yet another law, one that makes it illegal for him to raise and spend money for his initiatives closer to the time when he's a declared candidate. Supposedly, he wants new statewide redistricting, but the timeline is so short for that, its feasibility is suspect. After all, candidates need to file their papers in early 2006, but can't if they don't know whether they still live in their district.

Please sign this petition to stop the Goobernator.