Saturday, March 05, 2005


Regarding the connection between ChoicePoint and Katherine Harris and the theft of the election in 2000, Dada writes:

Harris/Checkpoint, if on the other side of the aisle would cause gov't to halt to a standstill and teeter on the brink of total disaster by frothing riotous demonstrators (paid for by the Republican Party, of course). But hey,that's the nature of pissant conservatism blended with apocalyptic fanaticism and the brainwashed zombies that inhabit this country in the costume of citizenry. Can you imagine Tom Paine's pain?

I could harp and bitch here but hell you can get that in any number of great blogs. It's like an emergency vehicle in the neighborhood; Annie goes out to howl; then Pony goes out and joins her; then Cooper. I'm just another Cooper!

Before I read your message this morning, I was reading about the Berkeley teachers who have stopped grading papers and all the other things demanded of them on their own time because they haven't gotten any raises in the past couple of years.

Let's see....The gov't's making it harder to declare certain bankruptcies. Healthcare costs are responsible for many. So, rather than do anything about obscene skyrocketing costs and uninsured, let's cut Medicaid and forbid bankruptcy. This could be good for business! (The prison business.)

Yeah, and while we're at it, let's try to destroy social security. Howwwwwwwwwwwwl.

The following sort of sounds like Hunter S. Thompson, I think, but Hunter has departed (deserted us) and these comments arrived in an email from Dada - I swear.

I think the whole freakin' Earth will blow up in a few years anyway because of Bush and Maniacs.--Speaking of which, did you hear he said today that democracy cannot flourish in Lebanon as long as it's occupied (!) by foreign troops! God, these idiots are a laugh a minute.

BTW, I wore my Black Panther Party, "The struggle continues" tee-shirt out in public for the first time yesterday. While adorning it, stopped at a red light, Huey Newton scared the shit outta me when he suddenly spoke up. "There's a huge majority of you rapidly becoming the new minority of this country," extending a pack of Marlboros in my direction, across his chest neatly adorned with shot gun ammo in a leather belt ala Pancho Villa.

That sounded a little strange to me,but I thought about it til the car behind me honked, signaling the light change.

"For Christ's sake, hide that shotgun! You wanna get us both busted!" I pleaded.

Emptiness once more overtook me as I glanced over at his fading smile--and shotgun. I'd have to do the shopping alone.

It was somewhere in front of the butcherless Wal-Mart meat counter before I got to the beef of what Huey had said. No longer just a racial struggle of thug booted cops in black neighborhoods, it's now blacks, browns, Muslims, uninsured, under-insured, poor whites, the middle class, teachers, the sick, atheists, unions, soldiers,retirees, veterans, young folk, immigrants and aliens, librarians, soldier's moms, Wal-Mart butchers (whoops, forgot, they're "extinct") etc., etc. (my apologies to anyone left out--it wasn't an inconclusive list). Whoa! This isn't the way it was supposed to be. It's a progress-ion. Sure there are setbacks in the face of progress. But the very name implies, ah, ahm, "progress!"