Wednesday, April 20, 2005

FDA Protects Drug Company Profits

The FDA approved two drugs for eczema and have now issued a warning that those drugs can cause cancer and they've refused to approve a simple, safe, inexpensive treatment for eczema that is widely used in Germany:

Dr. Oscar E. Beck, M.D., Ph.D. developed eczema at about 6 months of age. While working on his second doctorate in medical biochemistry in Germany he worked with Dr. Wurzburger to purify a vitamin D3, exposing it to ultraviolet light (all vitamin D has to be activated by sunlight and transformed in our bodies before absorption). They also checked its toxicity, which was very low. Dr. Beck began using this form of vitamin D in November of 1974 and his eczema subsided with a dosage of only 100 IUs daily. He concludes that eczema patients do not have a T-cell problem but they have a UV light (enzyme converting) problem, probably genetic. Unfortunately for us the US FDA has refused to approve this preparation for the US market although this solution has helped German children become eczema-free. Dr. Beck stated, "I am now retired but still abhor the way American medicine is manipulated by the FDA and powerful pharmaceutical firms."

This is a fine example capitalism run-amuk and it's not just the Repugs who have sold their souls to drug companies either. This is a bipartisan problem.