Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It's Time to Switch to Firefox

Micrsoft Internet Explorer can be subject to attacks. A safer browser is Firefox which you can download for free here. A toolbar to search Google is available for both browsers.

Americablog reports that Ralph Reed is on Microsoft's payroll so if you're concerned about the influence of Religious Right wingnuttery, this is a good time to register your protest by downloading and using Mozilla's Firefox instead of Microsoft's IE. Your browsing experience will be safer, as well.

The man dubbed "The Right Hand of God" has fingerprints all over Microsoft. Still.

Ralph Reed is more than a Friend of Bill -- he is a paid GOP consultant, getting $20,000 a month from Microsoft to help shape the software behemoth's image in the global marketplace.

Judging from Reed's past -- he was the former head of the evangelical Christian Coalition -- that means serving up vitriolic viewpoints about gays and lesbians.

Judging from Microsoft's actions -- the company just yanked its support of a legislative bill in Olympia to protect gays -- the Reed brand of insight is shining through.