Tuesday, April 19, 2005

We Answer Our Mail

We started a new ad today on Bartcop's web site and then received the following email:

Is it really necessary for you to mock all Christians?

Well, now that you mention it, yes it is necessary. If we don't do it, who will?

While I have some pretty strong criticism of the Religious Right - after all, I'm a long-time reader of Bartcop - your willful mixing up of Christians and the Right only serves to polarize folks that don't need to be at odds with one another. It's no more accurate to claim that all Christians are Republicans, as it is to say that all Republicans are Pro-Life.Your conclusion that only the "Religious Right" uses the IXOYE emblem is false.
We're surprised to discover that we're powerful enough to polarize folks. Even Catholic priests have purchased Darwin fish from us so we can only conclude that some religious people have a sense of humor (but not all, as you've pointed out). Hey, some of our best friends are... oh never mind.

It's a symbol of unity for all brands of Christians.
If you want to share a symbol with the Religious Right, you're welcome to do that. We're providing an alternative for the reality based community.

Those of us that are troubled by evolution, and those of us that don't care about it (like me).
Troubled by evolution? Like being unable to evolve?

The Religious Right is not the only political affiliation of Christians.
Yep, some of our customers are progressive Christians. You can easily recognize them - they're the ones with the sense of humor.

By repeating the lie of the Right (those that want to mislead the world into believing their position is God's position), not only are you doing a disservice to the truth, you are misleading some impressionable people into believing that either a. I'm a Christian, so I have to be a Republican, or b. I'm a liberal, so I can't be a Christian. That's not very helpful.
You've got to be kidding! You think we're misleading impressionable people? That's the role of the churches. If we've ever been guilty of repeating "the lie of the Right" it was only while we were mocking them.

Do you know where the symbol came from? During the early church when Christians were being executed and thrown into the Gladiator games against the lions, Christians tried to keep their faith private to avoid execution. In order to identify other Christians, they would make the marks of the fish. One person would mark half of the fish with a 1/4 circle, and if the other person saw the mark and knew what it was, they'd draw the other half.
Then when the church was established that same symbol was still affiliated with folks who launched the Crusades and tortured and killed nonbelievers. Is that the symbol you're still defending?

So all these folks mocking the Fish, are making a mockery of the persecution of people of faith long before there ever was a battle between the Right and Left. If it's not alright for Rush and Savage to mock Rosa Parks and MLK, why should it be okay to mock people that died for what they believed in 1500 years ago?
Hey! We're not mocking people of 1500 years ago. Pay attention here. We're REALITY BASED, we're living in the present. We're mocking present-day wingnuts but if you want to honor people of the past, how about the innocent Muslims who died in the Crusades or "witches" who were horribly tortured and burned to death in public.

I'm smart enough to understand that there's not a snowball's chance in Hell that you're going to cease your moneymaking business, but I thought you might at least take a moment to acknowledge that not all Christians are Righty's.
Yeah, we'll continue raking in our minuscule living by mocking creationists and other faith-based and fear-based true-believers. Oh, and by the way, we don't believe in hell so you can go Cheney yourself.