Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ben Lomond Crime Watch

Ben Lomond, California is a tiny town in a coastal redwood forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Our local paper, The Valley Press, includes the mountain towns of Felton, Ben Lomond and Boulder Creek (and it doesn't have a web site). It is published weekly and usually consists of 4 to 6 pages. Once per month a crime watch section is included. This week's issue included the monthly crime watch and was especially entertaining.

The first one is titled A Picky Thief:

West Drive, Felton
June 15

A resident reported that someone had entered his residence through an unlocked kitchen window and swiped his digital camera. The owner insisted it couldn't have been a member of his household, because he had a taped marker on the floor near his desk, which no member of the household is allowed to cross.

The second item is titled Double Bogey
East Zayante Road
June 14

Officers stopped a car for an infraction. The 42-year-old female driver had a warrant, suspended drivers license, a false license plate registration tag, and a couple of Vicodan tablets in her pocket.

While the officer was preparing to take her off to jail, her husband drove up in another vehicle. His vehicle had a false license plate and false registration tabs, for which he was cited.

I feel safer now that our local crime wave has ended.