Thursday, June 30, 2005

Brodie's Social Life

As you can see, Brodie, is a handsome fellow. We adopted him from a local shelter when he was a tiny kitten, maybe 8 weeks old. We placed him in a carrier and on the ride to his new home, he was completely silent.

When we brought Moralee home from the shelter, she howled all the way. (She was already grown - about 2 or 3 years old.)

Brodie lived in a bathroom for his first week in our home. He had a severe respiratory infection with bloody sneezes and was on antibiotics for the first two weeks here. Every time I opened the bathroom door to visit him, give him medicine or feed him, he hid behind the toliet. He was completely silent for the first few weeks with us. I asked the vet if he might be mute, but he just laughed and said to Brodie, "You don't have anything to say, do you?" When he did start speaking, he made funny chirping sounds - typical of Maine Coon cats.

The shelter had found Brodie all by himself and I suspect his mother was feral. He likes other cats, but hides when non-family humans appear in the house or yard. Rob and I are the only people he trusts. He loves to see other cats and chatters excitedly to them.

Brodie watches birds and squirrels through a picture window in our dining room and lately a lovely Calico cat has been hanging out there. She's very shy, like Brodie, and runs away if we go outside. Brodie has a crush on her and chatters to her when he spots her out there. Rob cut out kitty peepholes, so Brodie can keep an eye on his lady-love.

The other night, Brodie got behind the drapes and looked out the picture window in the living room. He howled loudly - a sound he makes only when he sees that lovely Calico. I quietly opened the front door and Brodie zipped out the door and, in his eagerness to meet the cat, he frightened her. She screamed and ran away with Brodie trying to follow. This was very brave of him because he isn't allowed to roam. I take him out on a leash sometimes and he walks slowly and cautiously and runs back to the house if he hears any scary noises. Scary noises can include the sounds of me stepping on fallen leaves.

Brodie watching for that beautiful Calico.