Thursday, June 09, 2005

Taking a Deep Breath

The temperature has been running a little high lately, but I'm over Markos and DailyKOS and the pie fight. I'm past the angry portion of my grief and am entering the sadness phase. It's disappointing that someone with such a prominent blog for progressives, is so regressive but, as a progressive, I won't be going back to Dk. I'll just keep moving forward.

It appears that not all frat boys are like Markos and Chimperor Gee Dubya Bush and so I'll extend an apology for using a broad brush. I got my B.A. from UC Santa Cruz, an extremely progressive school in those days where we didn't have fraternities or sororities. Heck, we didn't even have letter grades - we had narrative evaluations. Times have changed though and the Greek system arrived in Santa Cruz. Recently some frat boys at UCSC behaved badly on some reality program by killing a pet koi and eating it. They've been prosecuted by local authorities.

Okay, but how about that apology? Here's what I found to refute my stereotyping of fraternities.

Brax is in a fraternity and he writes an interesting blog.

Another fraternity man is posting at Booman and he says:

...Not ALL frat boys are womanizing alcoholics.

Okay, apology extended.