Friday, June 03, 2005

What if We're God's Next "Dinosaurs"?

The following is an email exchange between Dada and me:

Dada wrote:
Anyway, been meaning to share with you just a "cute" little story. I got it 'straight from the horses mouth'.....i.e., first hand. A person who works in a major midwestern university told me of one of her charges, a senior who just graduated this spring. Said this co-ed, "I don't believe in dinosaurs because the ark wasn't big enough to hold 'em." Yeh, that's it. That's the truth, I swear.

I responded:

Did this student consider that maybe dinosaurs are extinct now because God's blueprint for the Ark was too small for them and Noah had to leave them behind? Maybe that's why we find their bones all over the place - they drowned. I think the student is bitter because our dinosaur ate her fish.

Dada replied:

Oh Nona. You're such a heretic!!

Actually, I thought your idea about their bones being found everywhere was an excellent explanation to the co-ed's doubts of their existence, i.e. God's blueprint for the Ark, given to Noah, were for a craft too small to accommodate 'em. So rather than disproving dinosaur's ever existed, it does just the exact opposite, i.e. dinosaurs did exist. Because their old bones are scattered everywhere; even in the most inconvenient of places, like, where we wanna extend a freeway or build a new casino. They just cause progress problems.

Okay, that was cool--if that was the end of it. But then I found myself unable to nap this afternoon wondering if, in the great flood, the dinosaurs omission on the Ark was an oversight by God? "Oh my god!" (sorry, no pun intended), I thought. How could that be? God's omnipotent. After much contemplation, I decided that God didn't forget the dinosaurs. He musta intentionally left 'em off the Ark by making it too small to accommodate 'em.

"Whew!" I started getting drowsy. I started to nod off, until I had the thought: "If God intentionally eliminated the dinosaurs by purposely excluding 'em; by giving Noah plans for an Ark of limited space, what if this is the way God operates?" I mean, what if God intentionally limited the supply of oil? And what if he put the last remaining oil rich fields under nations of Muslims and other heathens? What if God's messin' with us? What if we're God's next 'dinosaurs'?