Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Xappa's World

Our 15 year-old cat, Xappa, has been diagnosed with early stage kidney disease and now she has her own blog at Xappa's World

Our vet tells us that a virus used in vaccines for cats is suspected to have caused chronic kidney disease in cats. The dangerous virus has been removed from current vaccines, but a lot cats have already been injured by it.

We have a protected back yard using cat fence-in so our cats are allowed outside but they aren't exposed to most diseases. We are beginning to believe that vaccinations may be doing more harm than good. An adjuvent used in most vaccinations is causing an aggressive, life threatening cancer in some cats. Veterinarians are now vaccinating cats in their legs, so that if the cancer forms there, the leg can be amputated.

Our 3 year-old, Brodie, had a reaction to his last vaccination and it will truly be his last vaccination.

Consider these remarks from The Holistic Cat:

...I now consider vaccination to be tantamount to animal abuse in most cases.

In essence, Drs. Schultz and Phillips are stating that the only reasons for annual vaccination are legal (as with rabies vaccination) or as a means of manipulating guardians into bringing their companions for examinations (rather than simply recommending an examination). They also clearly state that booster vaccines provide no other benefit, including improved or added immunization. Although it has been some years since this was published, the veterinary community has made little headway toward following these recommendations. Some university experts now recommend vaccinations every three years, and other university clinics recommend titer testing to determine need. While both concepts are a step in the right direction, they still do not reflect the actual picture.