Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The "A" Team

Schwarzenegger's political arm, California Recovery Team, has a Web ad on news compendium 'Rough and Tumble' that seems to compare him to former Govs. Hiram Johnson and Edmund G. 'Pat' Brown.

Rocklin and Roseville Today quotes (in the bottom section of their web page) Todd Harris, CRT spokesman:

'I don't know that we're comparing Gov. Schwarzenegger to Governors Johnson and Brown but . . . there have been important reform-minded governors in the past and that is the model Gov. Schwarzenegger looks to,' said CRT spokesman Todd Harris.

Asked how Schwarzenegger is similar to Brown, a Democrat known for expanding California's government, Harris said, 'They both have 'A's in their names.' "
Yep! They really are that smart.