Wednesday, July 13, 2005

CBS News: Friendly to Bushites

Last night when the major networks reported their nightly half hour news summaries, I flipped around to see how the various networks were reporting on Karl Rove. Bob Schieffer on CBS mentioned Rove very briefly and suggested that the investigation may be going nowhere:

There were sharp questions at the White House over whether it was the president's top political strategist who blew the cover of an undercover CIA agent.
I was under the impression, that it's pretty well established that Karl Rove did the deed. Apparently Schieffer is in denial.

Dan Rather was replaced as CBS' anchor by Bob Schieffer, friend of the Bush family. Wikipedia has the following information about Bob Schieffer:

Schieffer is the brother of Tom Schieffer, a former business partner of Bush's whom Bush appointed U.S. Ambassador to Australia.

Bob Schieffer is a Texas Christian University alumnus.
In the wake of Dan Rather's announced retirement, he was named as Rather's successor for the weekday CBS Evening News. He assumed that job on March 10, 2005, the day following Rather's last broadcast.
NBC News had a much better coverage of Rove and showed Scotty being hounded by the White House Press who seem to have awakened from their long slumber.