Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fingers Caught in the Cookie Jar

One of Guvunuh Smarmyshortzenegger's objectives for California is to change the way our political districts are drawn. Tom Delay was successful in Texas and sent some extra Republican Congressmen to Washington as a result but it appears that Ahnie got caught with his hand in that proverbial cookie jar.

Here's some history for you non-Californians. Our Democrat Secretary of State was forced to resign and the Guvunh appointed a Republican in his place and decided that we needed to have an expensive special election to pass some iniatives that would give the governor's office more power. Those pesky Democrats in the legislature weren't rolling over enough to suit him.

The Repugnicans got enough signatures to put an initiative on the ballot to change the method of drawing districts and things were going well for them until the attorney general discovered that the wording of the iniative that would go on the ballot didn't match the wording on the petitions that people signed. This "bait and switch" didn't seem to bother the hand-picked secretary of state (what a surprise!) but the attorney general caught them and has issued a legal challenge.