Wednesday, July 06, 2005

President is a Speed Freak

Chimpy injured a police officer today while riding his bicycle at the Group of Eight summit while travelling at a high speed and crashing into the policeman.

In May last year, Mr Bush tumbled from his mountain bike during a ride on his ranch in Crawford, Texas, scraping his chin, upper lip, both knees, his right hand and his nose.

A spokesman at the time blamed loose topsoil for the spill, but also suggested that Mr Bush had been riding hard, noting the President was "a fitness enthusiast" and adding that "he wasn't poking along, whistling show tunes."

Mr Bush previously fell off a Segway - a motorized, two-wheel vehicle - while visiting his parents in Kennebunkport, Maine, in June 2003 and suffered scrapes to his face when he fainted and fell after choking on a pretzel at the White House in January 2002.
Maybe he's accident-prone because of drug use. When he speaks, he still exhibits those involuntary chin movements. The only reason I watch him speak these days is to see how frequently his jaw jerks around. Anyone who has been around a cocaine user knows it's a side effect of too much coke. That would make a great drinking game for his next speech.