Thursday, July 07, 2005

Reinventing Cointelpro

Reuters reports that members of the California State Senate are beginning an investigation into allegations that the California National Guard created an intelligence unit to spy on peace groups but the Guard has already destroyed evidence. In addition, the Feds are beginning an investigation of its own which may prevent the state from obtaining evidence.

A state senator said on Wednesday a federal probe into the California National Guard may hamper his own investigation into allegations that the Guard spied on anti-war protesters.

"I fear that what may occur here is that the federal authorities, if they find damning evidence of the Guard acting outside the law, may very well take possession of that material and take it out of the state of California depriving us of any access to that information," said state Sen. Joe Dunn.

"If that's what's happening, it is a cover up, plain and simple and that's what we want to prevent."

Dunn, who controls funding for California's National Guard, plans to hold hearings into whether a Guard unit that analyzes terrorism threats spied on people at a May 8 anti-war rally.

Dunn said the Guard should turn over a computer hard-drive, which could contain e-mails relating to its intentions regarding the protest. The drive has since been erased.

"That raises our suspicion level to extraordinary heights," Dunn said.

If you aren't aware of the history the United State$ has of suppressing dissension you'll want to read about Cointelpro.

They hate us for our freedom!