Saturday, July 23, 2005

Schwarzenegger: The Most Corrupt Sitting Governor

Lawrence O'Donnell made this statement about the Gropinator's lack of ethics last night on The McLaughlin Report and he predicted that the Goobernator will never win another election. O'Donnell is apparently in the "great minds" category because I made a similar prediction yesterday (he'll go back to Hollywood with his tail between his legs).

Ahnie has multiple ethics issues and the Los Angeles Times reports about the one that involved muscle magazines and supplements:

Since becoming governor, Schwarzenegger has remained closely involved with the bodybuilding world and with the supplement companies whose products promise such things as ripped muscles, "thermonuclear" energy and better sex.

According to documents and interviews with industry leaders, Schwarzenegger has continued to give the industry advice. He has participated in private meetings about government regulations. The governor also received personal income from the Arnold Classic bodybuilding contest, which serves as a showplace for supplements.
Democrat Party chairman, Art Torres, signed a complaint against Governor Goober:

In the filing, Democrats accused Schwarzenegger of arranging for $8 million in illegal payments from American Media Inc., which publishes a pair of body building magazines that, until last Friday, had the governor as their executive editor.

The payments were illegal honoraria and unlawful gifts to a public official, said Lance Olson, the Democratic Party attorney who filed the suit. The filing also said the governor had violated state conflict of interest rules when he vetoed a bill that would have banned high school athletes from using dietary supplements, aiding the industry that's the biggest advertiser in both Flex and Muscle & Fitness magazines.


"Now we go to war, in all likelihood,'' said Kevin Spillane, a GOP consultant. "Filing that complaint conveyed the level of seriousness the Democrats have for a negotiated settlement.''

I love the irony here. Ahnie started the year with a State of the State speech in which he promised to kick the Democrats' butts. Instead, the state Democrats are handing his butt to him in a paper bag.