Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tucker Carlson: Fair and Balanced?

I'm a big fan of Countdown with Keith Olbermann. It's my favorite TV source for news right after The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Because Countdown is on MSNBC, I've also been noticing ads for Tucker Carlson's new show on that channel and they're selling it as "fair and balanced".

This is the same Tucker Carlson who filled Robert Novak's seat on Crossfire.

Is the ad a deliberate canard or is it intended as a joke? Or is MSNBC trying to compete with Faux Snooze? Maybe Faux has successfully redefined the term "fair and balanced" from its traditional meaning. Is "fair and balanced" now a code phrase for Repuglicspeak?

My opinion of Tucker Carlson is that he's Dennis Miller in a bow-tie; smug, insufferable, and obnoxious.