Saturday, July 16, 2005

Turd Blossom is a Cool Cucumber

In spite of White House and Repugnican spin, the Rove story isn't going away and it looks as though they squandered the opportunity to get a boost in the polls off the London bombings. White House Week (7/25/05): "... the normally hypereffective White House spin machine threw a rod. 'The main story coming out of the White House this week was all about Karl Rove,' said one Democratic operative, suggesting the White House had instead wanted to 'use the bombings in London to shift the story line back to terrorism and try to get a little boost in the polls.' Senior White House officials fretted that the controversy would depress President Bush's public approval ratings still further and considered mounting a public defense, but they opted to wait out the storm, expecting the issue, eventually, to blow away. 'Rove is personally cool as a cucumber,' said one adviser. 'He has a heck of a lot more information than the rest of us.'"

The Washington Post has an excellent overview of Plamegate, revealing the Bushites' motivation to scare us with stories of WMD and mushroom clouds even though the evidence didn't support their fabrications. When Ambassador Wilson exposed their fraud, they began leaking like a sieve in an effort to silence him and ruin his wife's career as an undercover CIA agent. It's all very sordid.