Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Why They Hate Us

Seumas Milne of The Guardian says we Americans really have some cheek to refuse to admit that our foreign policy could have provoked the Muslim world's hostility. It was deemed treasonous to suggest that the Muslims had legitimate grievances against the U.S. Instead, Americans retreated into the comforts of banalities such as, "They hate our freedom." It is an insult to the dead to pretend that there was no motive for the London suicide bombings. The attacks were quite obviously "driven by a worldwide anger at U.S.-led domination and occupation of Muslim countries. And it is only since Britain began supporting that agenda that Britain became a target.

We have moments of silence to honor the British and American victims of suicide bombers, but our media don't even mention the number of Iraqis who've been killed because of Bush's Crusade against Saddam Hussein and no one here publicly honors them in memorial. The McLaughlin Report regularly reports an estimate of Iraqis who've died, but it's the only media source who even mentions it. I believe we'll be at risk of terrorist attacks until we stop our occupation of middle eastern countries and get into rehab for our addiction to oil.

Image from Don't Blame Me I Voted for Kerry. Thanks to Dawn for finding that web site.