Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Danger in Vaccinations

Do you remember that old slogan, "What if they gave a war and no one came?" I was thinking of that today in the context of epidemics and vaccinations. What if they gave an epidemic and no one came (to get vaccinated).

A headline in today's paper proclaims that US scientists have a vaccine for the bird flu and I think they're going to try and scare us all into getting that vaccination. I'm becoming increasingly suspicious of pharmaceutical companies, vaccinations and media hype about flu epidemics.

The hype last year was that there was a shortage of vaccinations, so only the old and sick should get vaccinated and so few people got the shots, they had a surplus so the MSM got involved and urged us to get vaccinated. The scarcity of vaccine didn't result in an epidemic. The year before that the MSM scared us with reports of children dying of flu and we the sheeple lined up and got our flu vaccinations.

What I'm about to say might put me in tin-foil hat territory for some of you, but I think the big pharmas are using the media's interest in hype to scare us into getting vaccinations. Last year we were told that there was a shortage of vaccine, because big pharmas weren't making enough money off vaccine. I believe it was a ploy to make us all want vaccinations. Perhaps the warnings of flu deaths the previous year didn't have the desired effect, so they tried a different tack.

We know for certain that feline vaccinations cause cancer and that's why veterinarians no longer inject the vaccine into the back of kitty's necks - the tumors are hard to remove there and often result in death. Now they inject vaccinations in various limbs so they can amputate a leg and save the cat, if a tumor forms. More recently our veterinarian revealed to us that veterinarian researchers believe that vaccinations are causing an epidemic of kidney failure in cats. Some vets believe that cats (and dogs) only need to be vaccinated every three years and other vets believe that once vaccinated they have lifetime immunity. I'm not willing to take chances with the health of my kitties - they will not be vaccinated again in their lifetimes.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is raising alarm about the probable link between childhood vaccinations and autism. The increase in autism appeared at about the time a mercury preservative was added to children's vaccinations. Our local talk radio medic, Dr. Dean Edell, says there's nothing to it, but I think Edell is taking a "head-in-the-sand" approach.

Kennedy states that autism is not found in Amish populations - people who don't vaccinate their children:

"On Sunday morning's Meet the Press, Dr. Harvey Fineberg, president of the Institute of Medicine, debated New York Times reporter and author David Kirby about the strength of the science linking the current epidemic of neurological disorders among American children to the mercury-based vaccine preservative Thimerosal. The Institute of Medicine as well as the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration base their defense of Thimerosal on four flimsy studies ginned up by the pharmaceutical industry and federal regulators who green-lighted the use of Thimerosal in the first place. Those fraudulent studies deliberately targeted European populations which were exposed to a fraction of the Thimerosal given to American children.

If Dr. Fineberg genuinely wants to test his assertions about Thimerosal safety with epidemiological data, he should commission a study comparing American children who were exposed to vaccines to the Amish, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Scientists or others, who, for religious reasons, did not receive Thimerosal-laced vaccines.

A recent survey by United Press found that autism is virtually unknown among Pennsylvania's large Amish populations -- a strong indication that vaccines are indeed a principal culprit of the epidemic. Despite the repeated urgings of independent scientists and the families of autistic children, the federal agencies involved have refused to commission such a study and have closed federal vaccine files in order to derail the creation of those studies by outside scientists."

If you get sick or a loved one dies because of a vaccination, don't count on justice in court. The Repugs are fighting feverishly to protect big pharmas from lawsuits by us, the injured.

TomPaine.com has more on tort reform and the hypocrisy of the Bushites and assorted other Rethugs.