Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Schwarzenegger Could Be Impeached

I found this headline on Google news. A guest blogger at The Brad Blog reports:

The California governor had a seven-year affair with Gigi Goyette, who now lives in Malibu. The affair may have started when she was underaged.


A California governor may be impeached simply for "misconduct" in office. California's corrupt governor was party to a bribe paid to maintain his political career. That action certainly qualifies as misconduct.

The state Senate must bring impeachment charges against Schwarzenegger. The Assembly will try those charges. The Republicans, I can happily report, do not control the California legislature.

There's more, including allegations of a right-wing owned tabliod conspiracy and mafia connections. Go read the whole story at Brad Blog.

Update: Here's a quote from Schwarzenegger's young mistress:
She also rejected claims in an American magazine that Schwarzenegger was a sex pest. "Sure," she said, "he will sometimes grab a woman's ass and say, like, 'Hey, you've got a nice ass,' but it is just, like, his way of making them feel better. Every woman likes to get a compliment from time to time."
Get the rest of this sordid story at Cannonfire in a post that asks why are the Democrats soft on Schwarzenegger.

It would be helpful if Stepford Wife, Maria Shriver, would dump the big oaf. Maybe that would mobilize state Democrats.