Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Signs of Life in the Democratic Party

Papers that have been released are painting a portrait of John Roberts as a rightwing nutjob. The Washington Post reports that Roberts:
"call[ed] a memorial service for aborted fetuses 'an entirely appropriate means of calling attention to the abortion tragedy,' and his reference to the legal underpinnings of the right to an abortion as the 'so-called 'right to privacy.' ' The groups note that Roberts once wrote that a Supreme Court case on prohibiting silent prayer in public schools 'seems indefensible.' Roberts, they say, had also called a federal court decision that sought to guarantee women equal pay to men 'a radical redistributive concept.'"
This man, like the Pope, is from the Dark Ages and if we don't send him back there, he'll drag us all back in time and turn us all into Stepford wives like Maria Shriver and Laura Bush.

The Democrats are beginning to respond:
...Kennedy said recently released evidence "shows that he was on or beyond the outer fringe of that extreme group eager to take our law and society back in time on a wide range of issues of individual rights and liberties, and on broad issues of government responsiveness to public needs." For instance, Kennedy said, he "opposed effective voting rights legislation, and wanted to restrict laws vital to battling discrimination by recipients of federal funds."

Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) said in a statement: "All this talk about whether Democrats will support the Roberts nomination is laughably premature. . . . The White House has so far refused to produce relevant documents, and the documents we have seen raise questions about the nominee's commitment to progress on civil rights."
Okay, we have two Democrats paying attention. Where are the others?