Saturday, August 27, 2005

That Good Old Christian Hypocrisy

Diane E. Dees points out hypocrisy in GOP strategy (I know, I know, I too was shocked to find that the party of Christian values was filled with hypocrites.)

How are they being hypocritical? Let us count the ways:

I hate to break it to all of you Republicans, but when Pat Peale wore that Band-Aid on her face at your convention, she hadn't cut herself on the barbed wire while she was clearing brush: She was using it as a symbol to mock a man who put his life in danger to fight in Vietnam.

When Bush served a platter of plastic Turkey to the soldiers in Iraq, he wasn't auditioning to be a food stylist for the House and Garden channel: He was promoting good will among those whom he sent to be killed for PNAC and Halliburton.

The Mission Accomplished sign didn't mean that the war was over--just that the White House wanted you to have a big old testosterone charge from all that killing and destruction.

And when Bush stuffed a pair of gym socks into his flight uniform, it didn't mean he was looking to co-host with Adriano Rio--it was just a ploy to create another splash of testosterone.

Getting back to Cindy Sheehan--it is a moot point. Bush will do anything--even leave his ranch for Idaho--to avoid facing her. A vacation from his vacation. That's a lot of vacating. Because it's hard work, being a liar.