Saturday, August 13, 2005

Where are the Democrats?

Craig Crawford has an interesting comment at The Huffington Post:

Isn't it amazing how one soft-spoken Mom figured out how to challenge President Bush's war handling more effectively than all the Democratic lawmakers who have tried for years.

At midnight Tuesday I posted here my prediction of the coming media frenzy over "Protester Mom" Cindy Sheehan. And sure enough, now she is giving the White House 'Mommie Dearest' nightmares. But instead of 'No More Wire Hangers' it's 'No More War.'

Although you could see this coming, the Democrats in Washington and the geniuses who advise them are still on the sidelines, arguing among themselves, as usual, about whether to embrace Sheehan. But they have become so irrelevant to the war debate that it doesn't much matter. Still, it will be interesting over the next few days to see if any prominent Democrats seek photo opportunities with Sheehan or come to her aid in any way. For it looks like things could get ugly at Camp Sheehan. The President's supporters are now showing up to confront her. That's all we need: Warring factions in an open field this close to Waco.
[Emphasis added]

Are the Democrats trying to decide which way the wind is blowing? What a bunch of spineless weasels.

Update: What I should have said, is that the Democrats are our best and only hope but they too often behave like spineless weasels.