Saturday, September 03, 2005

Bush Mingles with the victims - well, sort of....

Promises by Bush Amid the Tears - New York Times:
"Mr. Bush's arrival coincided with long-awaited deliveries of aid to the flood zone. But the president did not interact much with storm victims, and at one site, a Salvation Army truck in Mississippi, those he did see had first been screened by Secret Service agents with metal detectors.

Later, however, after a walking tour of Point Cadet, a poor neighborhood of flattened one-story bungalows in Biloxi, Miss., Mr. Bush amended his remark to say, 'I'm certainly not denigrating the efforts of anybody.' He added, 'I am satisfied with the response, I'm not satisfied with all the results.'"

What kind of double-talk is that? Those of us who are in touch with reality aren't satisfied with the response...period.
Mr. Bush did not go into the heart of the city's devastation, where thousands of largely poor, black refugees have raged at the government's response to one of the worst natural disasters in American history. The White House cited security concerns and worries about causing more chaos as the reasons for keeping Mr. Bush away from the streets and the New Orleans Superdome, where refugees have lived in squalor and lawlessness for days.