Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Flying Spaghetti Monster Emblems are Shipping

Rejoice Pastafarians for holy Flying Spaghetti Monster emblems are arriving soon. The factory worked over time to finish the first 500 emblems earlier than we expected. The first orders we received will be the first filled.

We love hearing from you, but we're really, really busy getting these packages ready and shipped out and it will slow us down if we must respond to questions about each individual order so at the end of each day, I'll report here which orders have gone out.

In addition, if you gave us a valid email address, the postal service or UPS (depending on the shipping service you selected) will email a tracking number to you. The postal service tracking is not as helpful at the one UPS will send. The latter will allow you to check daily to see where your package is. The USPS will probably let you know we've notified them that the package was prepared and they may not update their system until your package is delivered.

No charges are placed on your credit card until your package is ready to ship.

We have orders for more than 500 emblems, so if you ordered after Sept. 14, your order will be delayed until the factory finishes another 500 emblems.

Thank you very much for your orders and for your patience.


P.S. We're starting work on the Pirate fish also, but we aren't taking pre-orders yet.