Friday, September 30, 2005

Flying Spaghetti Monster: Going Out

Going out today are all FSM emblems orders received through August 31st. Please check your email for a tracking number from UPS or USPS.

One order didn't get processed because there was a problem with the credit card number. I tried calling the person who placed the order, but the voice mail was for someone by a completely different name so I didn't leave a message. I emailed the person, but it was an odd looking email address (really folks we don't spam and we don't sell or trade any customer information - we hate spam and telemarketing).

If you placed order #1875-8875-3551 on August 31st please contact us.

Order #1875-7510-5800 placed August 30th can't be filled either. We've emailed, but haven't received a reply.