Sunday, September 04, 2005

Help Needed for Animal Victims of Katrina

Best Friends Animal Society of Kanab, UT 84741 needs the following items for their companion animal rescue operations:

People needs:

Toilet paper
Paper towels
Vegetarian people food that won’t spoil or need refrigeration
Portable toilets and sanitizer
Insect repellent
Sun showers
First aid kits for relief workers
Hand sanitizer

Pet needs:

Pet Food
Animal bedding
Crates (all sizes)
Veterinary supplies
Puppy and kitten formula
Canopy tents for the animals
Large cat tower/cage (for kittens)
Portable water bowls for animals
Microchip scanners

General needs:

RVs, SUV’s & Trucks (4x4), ATV’s (loaned or donated)
Two way radios
Duct tape
Cable ties
Fencing, both temporary and permanent
Heavy work gloves and welding gloves
Carpentry supplies
Gas cans
Gas for vehicles
Batteries (AA, AAA, C & D)
Water tanks
Clorox bleach
Warehouse facilities near Tylertown, MS
Garbage cans
Garbage bags
Camping Gear
Collapsible wire cages (extra large size)
Extension cords (heavy duty outdoor approved - 100 foot long)
Grooming clippers (electric)
Zip Lock bags (extra large size)

Important note: Please contact them at 435.644.2001 x398 before you buy large quantities of any of these items.

Best Friends Hurricane Relief c/o Leigh Breland 1635 Misty Lane Terry, MS 39170 Hurricane-related inquiries, including offers to donate supplies or funds or to volunteer, may be directed to: 435.644.2001 x398 or