Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Notice for Pastafarians

First I'd like to thank President Lindsay, God's Fiend, Nomad Coder, Dada, and anonymous (or anonymouses - anonymousi?) for your comments.

Second, I'd like to respond to those who have been asking if we'll create a Pirate fish emblem - the answer is yes.

Third, I'd like to provide an update for the Flying Spaghetti Monster emblem. At the end of August we submitted the design for tooling work. The factory estimates that they can create the mold in about 4 weeks (from August 30). After the mold is done, they'll do a test batch. If the work is acceptable, we can expect to start shipping the emblems in about 3 to 4 weeks from that time. After they pour the emblems, they have to add chrome plating to the front and adhesive strips to the back.

If the schedule holds, we expect to start shipping near the end of October.

We haven't put the Pirate fish on the factory's schedule yet and we aren't prepared to take pre-orders for it yet, but we'd like to get an idea about whether you'd all like one. You can add comments here or send email to kittylover at

Today we received a request for a Pirate fish lapel pin like our Darwin fish lapel pin. Anyone want to vote for that? How about a FSM lapel pin?