Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pastafarian at the Dada Ball

At least one Pastafarian attended the Dada Ball hosted by The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art's Time-Based Art Festival :

"After 10 days of taking in performances, Saturday night it was the TBA [The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art's Time-Based Art Festival] festivalgoers' chance to get in on the creative action with the return, after a three-year hiatus, of the Dada Ball.

Hundreds of partiers -- wearing sequins, tutus, blinking lights, wings, wigs, plastic and pleather -- packed the late-night Works performance space.

'This is amazing,' said Dada/TBA/PICA newbie Mark Russell, near the wall-collage of past Dada Ball photos. 'And what's really amazing to see is the wonderful range in ages of people, from 21-year-olds up to Howard Shapiro down there, who's catching up to 80. This is a great night.'

Spanglish industrial-rockers Titan fed the dance-hungry. Others took time to inscribe their favorite word on Cheryl Anderson's crossword-puzzle dress or ogle Cindy Bloomfield's gown layered in pages from this year's TBA book.

'Pastafarian' Laura MacDonald, in a Jamaican-flag inspired beanie and a cloak covered in noodles, offered this, (along with a bowl of bow-tie pasta and caramel candy): 'Dada means that you see all, and feel all.' "