Thursday, September 22, 2005

Where have all the chickenhawks gone?

My friend Dada wonders what happened to all the chickenhawks:

"The latest MSNBC poll shows Bush's ratings still sinking. Down to 40%, it's conceivable the president's approval could sink lower than Momma Bush's high horse, crass and insensitive remarks on minorities and the poor in the Houston Astrodome. (Nah, probably not--it can't get any lower than that.)

Sadly, however, it is worthy of note there still exists more than 1 in 3 Americans who can be labelled 'slow learners'. This is pretty frightening when you realize you may be out in public, engaged in small talk with a stranger, and that person could be one of those 38% of the learning disabled who still approve of Bush's handling of the war! Boy, I wish we could get our hands on those fine folks. Our service members would sure appreciate those asses supporting their 'Mission Accomplished - Bring 'em On' war effort in the middle east right now."
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