Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bad Theory Is Supported by Questionable Statistics

ABQjournal: Bad Theory Is Supported by Questionable Statistics:

" The theory of intelligent design, when looked at scientifically, is a bad theory. It has only one thing backing it up: questionable statistics, which say it is improbable that life as it is now would have emerged without an 'intelligent designer' guiding the process. Why teach a bad theory in a science class?

Evolution has multiple sources of evidence to back it up, not just fossil records, as is commonly believed. For example, the similarities in some body parts of various animals is evidence of evolution. Though they are used for different things, the bone structure of the human hand is similar to that of the fins of dolphins, the hooves of pigs and the wings of bats.

Take the example of bat wings: If you look closely at a bat wing, you'll see a tiny thumb and fingers. This suggests that humans and bats evolved from a common ancestor.

The counterargument from 'ID-ers' may be that, well, a 'higher power's made them that way. You can play the 'higher power' card anywhere (whether you believe that power is the Christian God, Allah or the flying spaghetti monster), but that's entirely theoretical� there's no proof, no evidence.

Anything without evidence is just speculation. Evolution has evidence."