Monday, November 21, 2005

Freethinkers on Wife Swap (TV)

At last, the episode of Wife Swap that features a freethinking family in Georgia (yes, in GEORGIA) is scheduled to be aired November 28th on ABC. The family of freethinkers includes the Infidel Guy, Reginald Finley, whose wife, Amber, changes places with the wife of a Pentecostal pastor for two weeks. This episode was supposed to air last season, but was held over.

We'd be excited about seeing this program anyway, but we're doubly enthused because the Finley family owns some of our emblems and we signed a release to allow those emblems to be shown on the program (that doesn't mean they actually will appear but we'll be watching for them).

The press release is here (courtesy of Reginald Finely).