Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Sneaky Christian on the Phone

Last night the phone rang and a man asked to speak to the woman of the house.

"That would be me," I replied.

He said he was with the Dove Foundation and he wasn't trying to sell anything (this statement proved to be false), so I stayed on the line.

He then asked, "Do you believe that offensive material in TV, movies & the internet is on the rise?"

I answered, "No."

My reply threw him off-stride and he had to skip the rest of the questions on his list.

After he recovered he asked if I had any children or grandchildren under the age of 16.

Once again, I said, "No."

At that point he gave up questioning me, and started to make a statement. I cut him off after hearing, "Do you know that Hollywood controls ..." This is where I realized he had something to sell - something that sounded a lot like Christianity.

I googled "Dove Foundation" and found their online survey with their skewed results here.

Here's their main page where you can enter to win an Amy Grant CD.

My instincts are pretty good - I can spot Christians in a minute, even when they think they're being slick.

Here's the Dove Foundation's mission statement:

This survey helps Dove represent the desires of the public to Hollywood filmmakers. Many surveys in the past have been conducted by the entertainment industry itself, which produces skewed results. For example, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), an organization funded by the major film studios, has continuously maintained that 78% of the movie-going public is "satisfied" with the movie ratings system. The MPAA survey results are obviously designed to protect their position in the industry. The Dove survey, on the other hand, is the largest poll ever taken that measures the public's opinion about the state of entertainment content. As such, the results will be unquestionably accurate and without prejudice.
They're trying to claim that surveys taken by the movie industry are skewed! Give me a break. Why would I believe that the movie industry pays for biased polls. They're in business to make money - not garner converts.

The Dove Foundation's push poll is so obviously biased I saw through it in a minute even before I confirmed that Christians were behind it.