Thursday, November 24, 2005

What do Pastafarians do?

An anonymous poster asked:

Question (or thinly veiled suggestion) - what is the appropriate gesture(s) when showing obeisance to the FSM? If I encounter another vehicle bearing the FSM plaque, presumably a gesture of acknowledgement/devotion is called for.
Any suggestions?

Fritschie said...

Might I suggest holding out your hand with the fingers turned down and wiggling like hanging pasta?

This could become a bit of a secret handshake, with the returning member doing the same motion upside down.
The first part of this secret handshake reminds me of some of Bu$h's odd ways of waving his hand. He extends his arm and then holds it steady while shaking his hand around as if he's grappling with a doorknob that won't turn.

Are they giving us secret signals?