Friday, December 23, 2005

Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/22/2005 | Santorum now critical of Dover case

Bestiality expert, Rick Santorum, no longer supports teaching intelligent design:

Philadelphia Inquirer 12/22/2005 Santorum now critical of Dover case:

"Early this year, Sen. Rick Santorum commended the Dover Area School District for 'attempting to teach the controversy of evolution.'But one day after a federal judge ruled that the district's policy on intelligent design was unconstitutional, Santorum said he was troubled by court testimony that showed some board members were motivated by religion in adopting the policy."
If this nitwit has just figured out that religious zealots are behind the ID movement, what is he doing in the Senate? Aren't our legislative representatives supposed to be at least marginally informed about what's going on?

The case highlighted Santorum's high-profile role in the debate over teaching evolution. He never entered the Harrisburg courtroom where the six-week trial took place, but his actions - most notably, an effort in 2001 to insert a "teach the controversy" amendment into a landmark education bill - figured prominently into the case.

It also has become a political issue for Santorum as he faces a tough reelection in 2006. His leading Democratic challenger, state Treasurer Robert P. Casey Jr., has seized upon the senator's seemingly contradictory statements on intelligent design to portray him as a "flip flopper" who puts an ideological agenda above other interests.

In a 2002 Washington Times op-ed, Santorum wrote: "Therefore, intelligent design is a legitimate scientific theory that should be taught in science classes."

But in recent interviews, including one in August on National Public Radio, Santorum said: "I'm not comfortable with intelligent design being taught in the science classroom."

Now that he's seen the light about ID, does he still believe that gay marriages will lead to people having sex with dogs? This idiot couldn't get a clue if he knew what a clue was. What a useless tool.