Monday, December 19, 2005

The Republican War on Science: The Movie

"Chris Mooney just got supersized. His bestseller, 'The Republican War on Science,' has been optioned for the big screen by Morgan Spurlock , the Oscar-nominated filmmaker who famously took on obesity by eating only fast food in 'Super Size Me.'

'I'm just quite overwhelmed that the book has gotten this much attention,' Mooney, 28, said yesterday of his work, much of it written inside Tryst, an Adams Morgan coffee shop. 'It's a function of American scientists being extremely alarmed.'

In his book, Mooney, a Washington correspondent for Seed magazine and the American Prospect and past contributor to The Washington Post, accuses the Bush administration of relying on pseudo-science in crafting its policies on global warming, evolution, stem cell research and sex education. Mooney saw his book hit the bestseller list just as Katrina hit his home town of New Orleans, sending family members to camp in his Woodley Park apartment.

'There was a time when science was respected by politicians and government officials and when the information obtained through unbiased scientific exploration was used for the better[ment] of society,' Spurlock said in a statement. 'Today all of that is being ignored, manipulated or used incorrectly to further political agendas.'"