Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Wagging Finger of the Conservative

Carol Van Drie of the Lansing State Journal is concerned about ads on a Democrat web site. When you first read the title of her article, Hateful ads taint Democratic site, you might think she's worried about the image projected by the web site, but based on her article I'm more inclined to think she's a Republican who just wants to criticize that web site. Read along and see if you agree.

Early this fall, I came upon what is reportedly the largest Democratic blog on the Internet, democraticunderground .com.
In addition to the profanity-laden "Bush=Hitler" discourse and Internet links, an advertisement read:

"Fish Wars on Cars - On Your Car and in Their Face; Stick-on Emblems - Poke fun with chrome car emblems: Darwin Fish, Jeebus, Hooked Fish, Dead Fish, Fish 'n Chips, Gefilte, Pagan, Reality Bites, Shark, T-Rex enjoying a fish snack, etc. ... We also have bumper stickers and Bush Soap to remove W's scum ..."

Heh, heh. That was Ring of Fire's ad and we're kind of proud of it.

Fish wars? In their face? Jeebus? Feeding Christians to animals? Poke fun?

Hysteria alert - "feeding Christians to animals". Apparently she's referring to our emblem depicting T-Rex enjoying a fish snack. We were under the impression that our emblem illustrated the science that refutes the young-earth belief held by creationists, but to a member of the fear-based community, we are feeding Christians to animals.

It's "fun" to openly ridicule the Christian faith and the God Christians call Savior? Is "in their face" something that should be part of our educational curriculum? Should defacing a religious image be entertaining sport?

Poking fun at people who are trying to substitute faith-based fantasies for science in classrooms is our mission in life and it's entertaining as hell.

I have a great sense of humor. In fact, the same site had an ad with a photo of Condi Rice kissing President Bush and the caption made me laugh.

Rice kissing her husb... president?

A click on the ad link at revealed an even larger array of hateful, anti-Christian car emblems that ridicule the Ichthys symbol in various and imaginative ways.

Why thank you, thank you very much!

There also was a Satanic pentagram for sale. Perhaps it's for those whose Christian-bashing car decoration collection was complete.

Where? Oh, it's the pagan symbol not a Satanic one. Silly Xtian.

An ad promoting desecration of Christian religious symbols so brazenly and proudly displayed on a popular Democratic blog is troubling enough. What I find even more disturbing is apparently this ad is just fine for the people who visit this blog. Why was it up for even one day?

Maybe Hillary Clinton will introduce legislation outlawing the desecration of religious symbols. It's not like we need important legilslation to protect our right to privacy or anything, right? (Hello, NSA spies.)

Do they have the right to display the ad? Yes.

Is it right? No.
Wagging finger alert!
The decent thing to do would have been for Democratic bloggers in droves to immediately demand the removal of the ad.

Wag that finger!
How can the idea of trashing an important Christian symbol be cute or funny?

Jeebus? How does mocking what Christians believe to be the holy name of Jesus seem even remotely acceptable?

Why is it OK to have one of these dreadful things displayed on a car? I've seen them all over. Free speech? Yes. Moral? No.

In the holy name of Jesus, stop wagging that finger!
Would a swastika superimposed over a Star of David be acceptable? How about a big fat red circle and slash over the Crescent Moon of Islam?

Please, we don't want to hear about your fantasies, ours are better.

I taught my children to respect every single individual on Earth. It's what the Bible teaches us. God doesn't look at anything except the heart (Romans 2:11, Hebrews 4:12, 13:1-2).
Who dreams up defacing or mocking any religious icon no less doing so by sticking it on their car? It should be unthinkable to anyone. I wonder, too, what are the adults regularly visiting this Web site teaching their children or teens? What type of example are those who use these offensive symbols on their cars setting?

They're teaching their children silly things like evolution . . . you know reality-based facts and all - okay maybe you wouldn't know.

What do you think? Carol Van Drie of Lansing has been married to an Army officer for 26 years. She is a member of the State Journal's Community Advisory Board. Write to her c/o Lansing State Journal, 120 E. Lenawee St., Lansing, MI 48919.

Wonder why I think she's a Republican?