Monday, January 23, 2006

Medicare Rx Drug Plan or Is There No End to Their Incompetence?

I feel for people who are trying to negotiate the maze of Medicare Part D in an attempt to save some money on prescription drugs. One of Baby Bush's campaign promises was to put people in charge who actually know how to run things, not those book-smart idealists of the Clinton years.

Molly Ivins thinks they're just incompentent, "... this was supposed to be the CEO administration. Yet for just the sheer incompetence, this administration sets new records daily."

But Paul Krugman thinks that it's their ideology at work and that Medicare Part D was designed to "accentuate, not fix, what's wrong with America's health-care system" in an attempt to drive patients into the clutches of profit-hungry private insurers.

They both make good points, but I think I'll go with Molly. From the invasion of Iraq to Medicare Part D to Katrina, they've demonstrated a complete and utter lack of competence. Our government is run by a bunch of morons.