Friday, February 03, 2006

American Democracy: RIP

Records Sought For CIA Leak Case May Be Missing From White House... The Huffington Post: "Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald is raising the possibility that records sought in the CIA leak investigation could be missing because of an e-mail archiving problem at the White House."
It's Nixon all over again, only worse this time. Nixon's secretary took the blame for accidentally erasing 18 minutes of a subpoenaed tape. Who will take the blame for the missing incriminating emails that have disappeared from the White House?

Nixon spied on his enemies, as Bush is doing.

Nixon had a personality disorder (he was paranoid). Ditto, only Bush is paranoid with a cowboy complex and what's up with the twitching jaw, anyway? What kind of drugs is this egomaniac on?

Nixon lied about the Viet Nam war, Bush decided to invade Iraq and then made up various stories about why he did it.

Our founding fathers attempted to protect American democracy by building a separation of powers and Bush is subverting those protections. In typical Texas-style megalomania, he declares himself king and dares a weak and cowed Congress to do something about it.

Not only has he usurped power, he is slowly tearing down the wall between church and state.

It's sad to witness the death of democracy.