Thursday, March 16, 2006

Support for Feingold's Censure of Bush

Ladies and Gentleman, Pastafarians and others, I have decided that the only presidential candidate who has earned my vote is Senator Russ Feingold.

How has he earned my vote, you might wonder? Let me count the ways:

He voted against the resolution that allowed Bush to invade Iraq.

He voted against the Orwellian-speak bill called the "Patriot Act"

He introduced a measure to censure Bush for illegal domestic spying.

Here's an American Research Group poll sounding out support for Feingold's censure resolution. The results among Democrats aren't too surprising, but the 29% support among Republicans is higher than expected.

Firedoglake has a chart showing which Democrat senators are supporting Feingold and which are opposed (abject cowards or snivelling cronies like Leiberman).

It amazes me that most Democrats are either sell-outs or spineless cowards, who won't defend our civil liberties and who won't behave like an opposition party.